Welcome to Fall Creek, Wisconsin

Incorporated in 1906, Fall Creek is a prime location for residential living and business development. Enjoy the charm and friendliness of a small town, while being afforded all the benefits of a larger city just minutes away at Eau Claire. Our country atmosphere, wonderful school system, and expanding business park are just a few of the reasons to make Fall Creek home. Come see what we have to offer!


Spring Election April 7, 2020

Get to know the candidates (Listed in name order as drawn for the ballot)
We have received requests from residents asking how they could find info regarding the candidates for Village Trustee. So we offered the candidates a chance to answer two questions, and have their responses placed on our website.

Joyce Aldrich
1. Give a short statement about yourself.
2. What are the things you think are important for the Village right now?

Felicia Erickson
1.Give a short statement about yourself.
Hey Fall Creek! Felicia Erickson here, the proud owner of the white house with the red door, across the street from the village hall/library, snuggled between Chicken Chasers and Kristi’s Sweets and Treats (previous location). I’m a Fall creek transplant that was voted most school spirit in a rival town to the west!  So, yes, that’s right I made the conscious decision to move to this amazing village 13 years ago with my son. I’m currently on the library board. I support of Fall creek businesses and community events. I have a degrees in agricultural science and nursing and work as local Hospice RN. I am honest, practical, energetic, realistic & loyal! I think that the use of my diverse educational background, personality and real life experience can bring a new outlook to the village board. I look forward to the opportunity to serve the village of Fall Creek! #gocrickets #wearefallcreek
2. What are the things you think are important for the Village right now?
Transparency in government! Much more public involvement of village members, by making information more publicly available to all. Ears that will listen to the concerns of my neighbors and community members. Encouragement of village members to become more actively involved in decision making with village concerns and issues. Helping the current Fall creek businesses to grow and prosper. & Work to draw a new businesses and families to Fall Creek!

Kelli L. Corbin
1. Give a short statement about yourself.
My name is Kelli, I was born and raised in Fall Creek, I am married and have 2 children who are 16 and 18 and a step daughter who is 18 and attends college in Fond du Lac!
2. What are the things you think are important for the Village right now?
The things I think are important for the Village right now, I think we need to support each other and come together as a community! I would also love to see our local business flourish !

Pamela Mattoon
1. Give a short statement about yourself.
HI!  My name is Pam Mattoon – My husband, Matt, and I live in “the Red House” on Lincoln Avenue.  Anyone who’s been in the village for any length of time probably knows we moved to Fall Creek in 2011, as we spent the first 2 years remodeling the house right on Fall Creek’s main corridor.  It was hard work, but a great way to meet lots of neighbors and get to know all sorts of people in the area.  I work from my home as a Business Analyst and Product Manager for Manpower in Milwaukee.  I have three adult children, who all live in the area, and one who is in high school.   My husband and I both grew up in Eau Claire county.  We began our married lives here, and when our first 2 children were little, moved away to follow jobs.  After over 15 years living in the southern part of the state, we were grateful to have been led back “home”.  We love living in Fall Creek!
2. What are the things you think are important for the Village right now?
Ask just about anyone who lives here, and they’ll likely tell you that the Fall Creek community is safe and secure;  it’s a great place to live and has a rich history!  Currently, our Village is striving hard to exceed expectations in managing our resources well within the framework of a shared vision.  It’s a vision that almost every person has; community involvement, vibrant business, healthy living and hometown values.  It is important that we remain fiscally responsible and forward thinking.  We need to do this in order to fulfill that vision in all of the ways it may be represented by the individuals in our community.  It takes research, and engagement, and sometimes making hard decisions.  It requires communication; listening to what the residents want and need – understanding their worldviews and finding solutions that benefit the entire community.  It is important for Village Trustees to be fully involved; to be aware of both the challenges and delights of living in our community, to use our resources responsibly and strive to make the best decisions possible with their neighbors.  What is important to you?  I’d love to know.  Feel free to stop by “the Red House” and tell me.

Karen Strasburg
1. Give a short statement about yourself.
For those of you who possibly don’t know me, I will give you a little information. I have lived in the “Village” my entire life and graduated from Fall Creek High School. We raised our children here. I was previously on the board for a 6 year period of time while working full time at CVTC in Eau Claire. Upon my retirement, I again ran for the board and this will be my 5th year.
2. What are the things you think are important for the Village right now?
Fall Creek has a deep and interesting history that I feel is important to keep in mind as we move forward with new and exciting possibilities. I believe Fall Creek is ripe for a new housing development as well as welcoming more businesses to our business park and downtown. Another item, that I think is important, is to have a clean and orderly community. I want a place where people are safe, where they can be proud of where they live and promote Fall Creek in a positive way. Thank you, Karen Strasburg

Sheena Kaatz
1. Give a short statement about yourself.
I grew up in a small town and earned a bachelor’s degree in education from UW-Green Bay. With my husband’s roots here, and gaining an appreciation for the area, I was set on staying in Fall Creek, so I got a job in the Eau Claire School District, where I’ve been for the past 11 years.
2. What are the things you think are important for the Village right now?
I think collectively we all view the same things as important for Fall Creek: A thriving, economical, connected, community. One that’s safe with a variety of interests to enjoy. More families choosing Fall Creek as their home, businesses opening doors here, and community organizations working together are vital.


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